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Wayne Mikosz and Riha Rothberg
Photo by Greg Johnston

The Luck of the Draw

It was literally pure chance that placed Wayne’s and Riha’s two solo shows on the same dates in May of 1995. The first collaborative pieces were created n the spring of that year, for the exhibition at Santa Fe Contemporary Art entitled “A Convergence.” The initial experiment was a mized media work on paper that the two abstract painters tackled independently, passing it back and forth from studio to studio over a period of several weeks. Experimental monotypes followed, as the two discovered a common language of mark-making, color, and rhythm.

A day came to try painting on canvas together, at the same time — two artists who had never before felt inclined to share the solitary process of art making, even with observers. It worked beautifully. There was very little need for conversation, they simply painted together. Convergence Studios was formed in 1997. Their collaborations are now in international collections.

Convergence Studios produced “Art in Architecture,” a series of exhibitions in Placitas in 1997, and curated group exhibitions at Assets Grill, in Albuquerque in 1998. Wayne and Riha were the curators of the Inpost Artspace, at the Outpost Performance Space, in Albuquerque, from January of 1999 to 2001. They are founding members of the Placitas Studio Tour, which takes place every Mother’s Day weekend.

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